we are the world.

since quincy is back in the studio, getting the world back together for haiti, i figured i’d take a moment to address something closer to home, in regards to us being one world.  as most of you know (all 6 of you), i live in new york city.  a big city, but a community nonetheless.  in new york city, we share communal sidewalks, lots of em (if you don’t know this by now, you really should just end yaself, seriously, i’ll wait).  to most of us, these sidewalks are a precious commodity.  its our silk road, or yellow brick, whatever you prefer.  last night, it snowed.  a lot.  often times, overnight, this magical frozen water, inevitably turns to black slush.  straight 7-11 shit.  according to science, water freezes at 32 degrees farenheit.  last night, it dipped into the 20’s.

so this goes out to all those fucking morons that don’t acknowledge this simple scientific fact and felt that they didn’t need to contribute to this grand commonwealth we call, new york city, by merely cleaning the damn sidewalk of your storefront.  fedex/kinko’s on spring?  i pray to everything that is holy that some white tourist from the midwest slips and falls on that 3 inch frozen block of slush you left out there, and sues the living hell out of you.  ricky’s on the corner of 17th and 8th?  ditto.  in fact, for you morons, i hope that, since you didn’t bother to clear the entire corner, some highly intelligent, highly litigious, gay lawyer slips and falls in front of your fucking shrine to guido hair (why do they even exist when it’s not halloween?).  really, is it that hard?  do you all just lack simple common sense or are you all just a bunch of assholes.  i tend to lean towards the latter.  but have you ever thought that leaving that doormat of ice in front of your store, would not only hurt the residents, but also possibly… your business?  i for one will not figure skate just to get a tub of hair wax.

step your community game up folks, we are one world.  if quincy can get jamie foxx and cool james back in the studio together, we should be better than this.  that is all.


~ by col.rice on February 11, 2010.

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