floyd undefeated in the ring….stay taking “L’s” on the mic….

interesting is as interesting does…to say this dude is interesting would be a major understatement…truth be told me and an ex-partner of mine got him signed to his first major label record deal over at Jive in the early 90’s….have known him for years and dude has blazed a trail of his own, made his own lane and has, from the updates I’ve gotten, stayed true to himself….there are lots of rappers out there….. few can claim the title MC…. this dude is one of those few in my humble opinion…..more personalities than the batman….sometimes crazier than the f@cking joker…and more slick with rhymes than the riddlers riddles; son is nice with his… he’s independent has a new album coming out and was blogging for the past week over at xxlmag.com he’s definitely a dude with depth and smarter that he looks sounds and acts…. a damn horror core b-movie aficionado and has a wealth of knowledge on many things…..as a small example …..I ran across this lil tete-a-tete between he and floyd mayweather on shade45…. take a listen…

ra the rugged man vs floyd ‘money’ mayweather

click pic for more.


~ by livefromheadqcourterz on February 11, 2010.

One Response to “floyd undefeated in the ring….stay taking “L’s” on the mic….”

  1. ruggedman rules. love this dude.

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