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It’s time for another blog entry for LFHQ and it’s been killing me trying to think of something worthwhile to talk about. I suppose since it’s been all the rage, I should be adding my two cents about the Super Bowl or something…However, being that I didn’t watch it (yeah, that’s right. I said it!) and that I don’t give a rats ass about football (and what?! Whatever. I prefer basketball — despite the emotional roller coasters known as Rasheed Wallace and A.I.) I decided
to stay clear of all things sports this weekend.

But really, the truth is that inspiration (much like good hip-hop these days) is hard to come by much of the time. Some days you really have to search for it, while other days it comes out of nowhere, catching you off guard. As it so happened, Boyz N The Hood was on T.V. on Sunday. I hadn’t seen it in a loooong ass time, and while watching
it, a few things came to mind. 1. That might have actually been Cuba Gooding Jr’s greatest performance to date. 2. Cuba Gooding Jr really isn’t that good of an actor. 3. (Sir?) Laurence Fishburne…good lord, I almost forgot about his subtle brilliance. Anyway…so I remembered how poignant I had thought Ice Cube’s little bit at the end was the first time around. How there are all these reports about shit going on in the world, but no one gives a damn about the hood… Granted, we’ve come a long way since ’91, when the film came out, but I wonder how far we’ve really come. Sure, there’s more exposure and news coverage about the going ons of inner city neighborhoods in America — but has anything actually changed? Gentrification aside (2 middle finger salutes to Giuliani), the tales from the hood remain more or less the same. “Why” and “What the fuck, man” are subjects for another day. Today, I wanted to add this little plot twist…

In taking inventory of where we’re at as a people, as a country, as a race, it’s important to keep things in perspective. While taking care of our own backyard is an important part of the story, the bigger picture is that, what we call “hood” is relative. For example, in Colombia (a country where your salary might be something like $350/month) there is a school teacher by the name of Luis Soriano, who spends his weekends going from town to town with his 2 donkeys and
stack of books – which he calls the “biblioburro”. Seriously. Because there are so many impoverished regions (let’s talk about hood) where guerrilla warfare and violence has left many kids with little education and even less hope, this guy decided to take books to the kids, and give them something to smile about and learn. Now, I know this story isn’t as exciting as whether Reggie Bush gave it up the ass to Kim Kardashian after the big win…but it might be more relevant in
the big scheme of things. It’s about recognizing where we come from
(or the hood we live/grew up in) and trying to do something to make it better. Inspiration. This is what I’m fucking talking about…..The Truth:

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~ by livefromheadqcourterz on February 10, 2010.

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