rosenberg vs combat jack: the resolution

so this afternoon, i get a link from biggest gord (a much growner man than i) and lo and behold, it looks like the world got its wishes.  combat jack and peter rosenberg sat down and had a peace pipe session in regards to their end of ’09 twitter tiff.  two grown men sat down, put the issues out on the table, addressed them, then resolved them in a non-violent, extremely positive manner.  no diss tracks where the intro and outro rants are longer than the song, no youtube videos of goonies in bandanas with ak’s, no shootings outside of hot 97, just pure, grown man shit.

but.  however.  let’s be real people… this ‘beef’ started on twitter.  yup, twitter.  now, biggest gord probably wanted me to throw something  up here about grown man-ness (the opposite of bitchassness, mr. combs, yeah, that one’s mine), something about positivity in Hip Hop, all that good stuff, but… i gotta be me and address the  real underlying issue here.  internet, recklessness.  before i get into that, i should point out, i’m a big fan of combat jack’s blog.  he’s an intelligent music industry professional with more experience than your average a&r these days.  a wise man who usually speaks and writes, wise words (if you don’t believe me, check our links section).  rosenberg does his thing on hot 97, i won’t hate, but i’m not peepin the blog daily.  but he does what he does, good knowledge of Hip Hop history, a fairly humorous cat, and a dj on one of Hip Hop’s most influential stations.  but in this situation?  this current ‘twitter beef’?  both wack.  straight up.

so, let’s take it back a sec, how did we arrive to this peace summit in the first place?  long story short, in the midst of a heated twitter debate (i can’t believe i just said that), mr. rosenberg here threatened to smack combat jack in front of his kids.  wrong move.  combat jack gets back at him, rosenberg comes back, etc. etc. etc.  we all seen it before, a little escalation.  my problem?  it’s on fucking twitter, man… i’m not even into worthless marketing ploy Hip Hop beefs (i.e. curtis vs whoever the fuck is popular at the time), let alone a blogger and a radio dj, getting into it, over some platform for communication named after the sound a bird makes?  is this really where the world is?

best part about the truce is that rosenberg straight admits to what i think is the absolute idiocy of the entire issue; people acting reckless online when normally, they would not.  then why the fuck say something in the first place?  if you don’t mean it… don’t fuckin say it!  that’s some shit your mother teaches you in elementary school.  and for the record, all of you out there should know by now, that tracking your ip is not that difficult.  believe me, you piss me off enough, i’m having some computer nerd track down your ip (trust me, i’m asian).  and if we get into it on twitter, facebook, myspace, whatever the hell you want, please believe you mention my family, the next message will merely be my cross street.  is it a mature response?  is it wise?  no.  but you said something about my momma, so fuck you.  rant over. thank you for allowing me to waste your time, in order to rant about… a waste of time.

~ by col.rice on February 9, 2010.

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