live from headqcourterz – the panchi chronicles

mel d. cole

ssssmmmmaacckkk…..put it back….. keep your hands off my mama and keep your hands off my doritos……bwwhhaaahhaahhaaa…haven’t laughed like that at a commercial of a black man blatantly getting disrespected on prime time T.V. …almost to the point of violation….since the MC Hammer dancing for popcorn chicken commercials….but this lil man and his grown-ass swagger also reminded me of a similarly outrageous lil  grown ass gurl and her culinary indignation…… albeit differing entertaining scenarios, both clips have given me pause… sure for the powers that be its satire to push the envelope with precocious kids…..funny ha ha …or funny like its comedic….wasn’t funny then ain’t funny now…me as that young-un in either scenerio???? with my parents?????…awww hell naw!!!!..….my mother or father wouldn’t have been having any of that right there……you eat what’s on the table!!!! or don’t eat!!!… i remember it was mandatory all older male and female family friends and acquaintances were addressed as uncle this or aunty that…..not cause they was family per se……but because i was a child and i couldn’t just go around calling adults by they first names alone…..alllready!!!!..nuh uh…..know your place!!! if it wasn’t mr. such and such….there was always a level of respect/fear for consequences….or uncle so and so…..hard ears make a soft asss!!!!….. then it was mrs. so and such…..lines that when crossed could lead to physical confrontations…or aunty such and so…..those that don’t hear will feeeeelll!!!!!….these learned lessons were passed down….much like the witnessed confrontation (learned lesson) that (was passed down) occurred between two grown ass men at statik selektah’s 100 proof album release party last week at s.o.b’s…….although a blip on the hip hop radar (the learned lesson not the party) it was all over the twitter…….anywhoo….last friday behind the scenes at live from headqcourterz  while preem was doin what he do….my dude panch shared his thoughts and recollections in this latest installment of the panchi chronicles…..enjoy

the panchi chronicles

bumpy also called in live to talk about his ustream/KurptMob radio show, 81 bars of death and give his take….he had some words of wisdom for nosey ass fans, hyping it up ass bloggos as well as choke and slide ass nigguhs in the game….download or listen here….

and for those of you youngun’s who mighta forgot what the man look like from the front….recognize.


~ by fistofbowlfish on February 8, 2010.

4 Responses to “live from headqcourterz – the panchi chronicles”

  1. I need to visit soon!

  2. […] Spotted @ LFHQ […]

  3. […] man. Bumpy served the man a dish of asswhupping as you can see on the pic above which i found via LFHQ. Anyway ima stop blabbing and let you watch the video explaining the whole thing. Holla!! : […]

  4. gonna watch the video now,,,that nigga that look bloody look like a decepticon…wonder what went down.

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