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2010. year of the tiger. one year into obama’s presidency. two years before the end of the world (hah! 2012 theorists, i see you!) and we are now officially into the second month of this great new year. indeed, time does fly. now, i’m not the sort of person that normally believes in making new years resolutions. frankly i don’t see what the
point is, because the majority of us never end up keeping them, or even remembering them. i do, however, have wish lists, goals, and things that i’d generally like to see happen or get done. so when the homie gordon asked if i’d want to contribute a bloggo or two to his site, i thought i’d use the opportunity to share some of these wishes,
thoughts, and minor annoyances, and see if we can’t try to make the world a better place this year.

the past couple of years have been pretty damn monumental, not because they saw the first ever african-american president, or record high unemployment rates, but because major revelations were made. we were exposed to some shocking truths and massive changes. for example, 50 cent finally stopped using the expression “aggressive content”. people no longer love or hate the game (oh sorry, i meant just game) — they
just stopped caring altogether. and perhaps the most earth shattering of them all…the realization that rick ross is not actually a bawse, but rather a big fake. it was some wild times, and this was just the tip of the rapidly melting iceberg. it almost makes one wonder…where do we even go from here?

well…i, for one, would like to see some new and improved role models for our children. perhaps even ones that don’t include bald strippers-turned-models with bad tans and big asses, whose sole legacy is being bi and dating a flamboyant rapper/producer. and something other than (actual and/or alleged) drug dealers-turned-rappers. shit
is boring and played out. come talk to me when noriega (the real noriega — who doesn’t owe a single fucking rapper any favors) decides to start rapping, or when castro is set to release a mix tape. otherwise, give me something to work with, or keep it movin’ (word to tribe).

because, when all is said and done, it’s only in keeping it moving, learning and asking questions that we understand what’s really going on. the world is yours, true. now let’s figure out whose hands its in. real shot callers aren’t on a court or in the stu. if you don’t have the time to do the knowledge (a little throwback for the older heads) then might i suggest following the incomparable dream hampton on twitter. she is a bawse and a perpetual gem dropper ( that’s a start. if reading doesn’t tickle your fancy (tsk tsk), then try just getting out more. i swear to all things holy and sacred (reverend al sharpton’s hair, for example) that seeing anything of the world will change the way you see things. yeah, absence makes the heart grow fonder, but fuck it, distance gives perspective (see: unplugging yourself from the matrix).

so, here’s to a year of more formidable role models, greater lessons learned and inspiration. get out. find. learn. bring back home. salute!

authored by : third rail


~ by livefromheadqcourterz on February 3, 2010.

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