“Phony” (A Song For Mitt Romney)

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This dude is so creative… http://twitter.com/jsmooth995


After Jay-Z recorded “Glory” to welcome his new daughter into the world, I wondered what it would sound like if Republican voters made a song to welcome Mitt Romney as their now-inevitable nominee.

Some News Worthy Other EH!!

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Washington, who directed and starred in the all-black cast of The Great Debaters said that “It’s almost impossible to get $100 million to make a movie about a black family in New York City.”

1. They actually asked Denzel about Spike Lee saying “Hollywood knows nothing about black people. “

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When the U.S. is expanding its ability to detain people indefinitely and innocent people have been detained and tortured at Guantánamo Bay. Remind me why we’re talking about a middle finger again? I’m just sorry Maya apologized.

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What do divorce lawyers do in their own divorces?  They try to stay out of court. Despite their familiarity with the system, and despite any perceived advantage they are believed to have, they do everything they can to settle their case before it reaches the court system.

3. Do Not be fooled by Hollywood, and the various lawyer shows you watch on television…Real life divorces ain’t like that…

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R.I.P. Don Cornelius (Soul Train NYC Flash Mob)

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‘Soul Train’ fans pay tribute to Don Cornelius @ Times Square NYC.
*Video/edit Bobi Dojcinovski

Some News Worthy Others EH!

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2 Chainz The Atlanta rapper, formerly of the rap duo Playaz Circle, performed his first New York concert at S.O.B.’s on Monday night. ”

1. Wait….. did the New York Times actually send a reporter to SOB’s to cover the 2Chainz show????

Another big player at Sundance this year when it came to the African-American scene was the Blackhouse Foundation. The nonprofit organization, devoted to expanding opportunities for black filmmakers, made its presence known by taking over a restaurant on Main Street, renaming it the Blackhouse and hosting a series of events, panels and parties.

2. Red Tails was enjoyable…and seems like negros shine at Sundance

DETROIT (AP).- Documents outlining the crime that landed Malcolm X in prison in the 1940s are among some 1,000 recently unearthed items purchased jointly by the civil rights leader’s foundation and an independent collector of African-American artifacts.

3. I be seein’ them bidding on storage lockers shows…somebody made a come up offa Malcom Little history

Middle of Nowhere Ava DuVernay : Making History At Sundance 2012

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Filmmaker Ava DuVernay made history at this years Sundance Film Festival in Utah by becoming the first African American woman to win the Directing Award – Dramatic.

This was a monumental moment for all African Americans industry-wide, as it obviously hasn’t been done before.

Her film, “Middle of Nowhere,” made waves at its reveal last week and now stands testament to DuVernay’s abilities.

The film is a drama that chronicles a woman’s separation from her incarcerated husband and her journey to reconcile her marriage and her identity. She believes her work is really for the Black audience, those who want to see a more well rounded perspective of Black life.

“I always loved film, but I never considered making my own. I think that’s just a kind of thing: a little black girl from Compton not having any examples of black women making their own movies.”  Ava DuVerney

sources : eurweb.com , newsone.com

Where It All Began: Murs

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Besides being a BusinessMan..he’s a Business Man

Murs is cerebral and complex. The term “real” gets thrown around a lot but Murs is as real as it gets. We sat down with him and he talked about what shaped him in becoming an MC. He covers everything from the impact of Eazy-E and LL Cool J to growing up in a Crip neighborhood to Oreo cookies. He even shares that he was laughed at the first time he wrote a rhyme. This is the story of Where It All Began in hip-hop for Murs.

EMCEE VISUALS : Evidence – Falling Down

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Ev’s new video gets the Sin City treatment…..damn good visuals….